Sweet Charlotte Studio was born from a desire to share my passion of all things beautiful with other women. When I find things that I love and that excite me, I don’t want to keep it a secret just for me, I want to shout about it from the rooftops!

I hoped to create a shopping environment where woman of all ages, shapes and sizes felt welcome and valued. Where they could receive genuine help to look and feel their most beautiful, and have fun doing it!

Enter my beautiful team of stylists who all share a desire to help our customers find whatever it is they are looking for, or advise and help if they have no idea!

Us woman are so hard on ourselves but nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our lovely customers standing in front of the mirror holding their shoulders back with their head held a little higher, liking what they see. That is the power of fashion and style. It can be quite transformative.

Our focus is on beautiful relaxed lifestyle clothing with a wide range of natural fibres,  linens & bamboo, with gorgeous silk pieces for those special occasions. We have all earned  the right as we enter our .......wiser years, to be comfortable, cool and relaxed but look darn gorgeous at the same time. 

We just love being a part of that and helping woman walk a little taller in this world xx