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A tall dark handsome millionaire with a reputation and piercing blue eyes. (#tick)
A professional gambler, with a scar. (#hot)
Very well educated and a very special way with children, brave, outspoken and respected throughout the land despite his dastardly ways (#omgperfect)
With women falling at his feet all over the shop you would be hard to find a modern day equivalent and possibly this such unicorn only exists in movies or Mills and Boon.
Anyway back to more important things. Our Rhett shirt is a standout winter favourite in the ridiculously on-trend leopard. We stand out in this sea of animal print by offering ours in the softest sage greens with mini antique brass buttons, removable neck and cuff ties you can dress this up or down as much as you like.
Softest wash viscose crepe, machine washable, easy care. (#tickticktick)
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