Prime 54 Silver Sparkle


A sparkly take on Rollie's newest sneakers! Not one for the wallflowers. Rollie sneakers are made with the latest in technical sneaker design, making them super lightweight and flexible.

  • Soft, silver glitterised leather upper and suede toe that moulds to your foot from first wear
  • Hard-wearing anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Breathable leather and canvas lining keeps your feet cool and fresh.
  • Removable insole so you can pop your orthotics in
  • No blisters or ‘wear-in’ time with German engineered flexi counters in heel and toe
  • Branded with a black glitterised Rollie Riser
  • We do feel with the sequin tongue some wear in time may be required. If it feels uncomfortable on your ankle some gentle bending of the tongue may help and leaving the end hole of the laces done up initially may help also. Please be aware of this when purchasing. Well worth it for these beauties are AMAZING!!

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